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Vito Lella

Phoenix, Arizona

Math, Science, Engineering, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Patience, Python, C++, C, MATLAB, FORTRAN, html (kinda)


Howdy! I’m a graduate student working towards a MSE in Systems Engineering with a focus in software systems specifically.

My work has largely been as a Systems Engineer working within Raytheon Missile and Defense’s Modeling and Simulation department, designing, developing, testing, and V&V’ing complex system-of-system simulations. I have recently transitioned to a position within Collins Aerospace working as a software engineer to develop myself more foundationally as an engineer working in software systems. In my free time, I am usually messing around with fantasy football (I’m BAD, do not seek my help in this area), watching college football, or golfing (bad at this too). As of last year, I also obtained my commercial pilot’s license (I am a better pilot than a fantasy football team manager thank god).

I have not had much tutoring experience. I tutored one student during undergrad informally, she was nearing failing a business calculus class when we started, and given only 2 weeks until the final, we were able to get her to a point of comfort with the course content that she was able to knock out a 95% on the final exam. Obviously that’s not much of a tutoring resume, but I’m looking forward to building it more with you! I will be offering a lower ($20/hr) rate for the first 1 hour session, so that in case for any reason I’m not providing the experience you’re looking for right off the bat, you’re not wasting a ton of money on trying with me, however, moving forward, regular sessions will move to a higher (though unchanging) rate at $50/hr.

Tutoring Offered

645.462: Introduction to Systems Engineering
645.764: Software Systems Engineering
645.767: System Conceptual Design


The University of Alabama

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) | Aerospace Engineering

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