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Lee Jephson

Baltimore, Maryland

Java, Datastructures, Logic, Calculus


My educational background is diverse and not your typical path for someone in CS. I actually have prior degree’s from a pre-med track with a MS in Nutrition. I found that path wasn’t for me and made the switch to IT for the past 5+ years. I’m in the JHU EP program going for my MSCS specializing in AI, ML, NLP, etc. I find most of the subtopics in CS interesting so I wouldn’t say that is set in stone, but its my current path. I have a strong science background and enjoy all the STEM fields and helping others with complex topics. My philosophy involves trying to understand the why behind the material and not just rote memorization. I am familiar with SQL, Java, python, HTML/CSS, and various other scripting/programming languages.

Tutoring Offered

605.201: Introduction to Programming Using Java
605.202: Data Structures
605.203: Discrete Mathematics
605.204: Computer Organization
605.401: Foundations of Software Engineering
605.421: Foundations of Algorithms

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