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Sadaf Sediqi

South San Francisco, California

Calculus, Chemistry


I graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and am working towards my Master’s in Applied Biomedical Engineering at JHU. I have extensive experience (5+ years) tutoring math at the high school and college levels and have taught several subjects ranging from pre-algebra through advanced linear algebra and multi-variable calculus. Over the years, I have provided one-on-one tutoring to three students, starting with pre-algebra and worked with them over the years to develop their math skills. I have also been a tutor for general college chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. I prefer working one on one to provide individual tutoring, but have also worked with groups of 3-5 students in a classroom setting. In addition, I also have extensive industry experience (8+ years) working as a Chemical Engineer and I am able to provide real world applications to the problems that students often encounter in their high school and college general chemistry courses.

Tutoring Offered

545.204: Applied Physical Chemistry

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