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Sara Ahmad

Laurel, Maryland

Java, C++, Software Engineering,Information Assurance, Network Security, PKI, Cryptology.


I am doing my degree in information systems with major in cyber security. I have taken several courses from cyber security track prior to foundation course of information systems at JHU. I have taken all courses at site (JHU-APL) because somehow for me class interaction is very important for student learning.
CGPA :4 (I am done with seven courses)
Highlighted Academic Projects at JHU are given below:
• Performed the vulnerability analysis of JHU Network. It involves the findings of the vulnerabilities in the given network and mitigations for each vulnerability per their threat level using OpenVAS and other security tools.
• Implemented VPNs and Firewalls in virtual environment.
• Developed the documentation package CONOP of an application design for a wearable computing platform to help a user get a car/ride and make a reservation.
• Developed the SRS documents for a calculator and hospital management system.
• Developed the SEMP document for development of the new short range urban vehicles (blank sheet system level design).

Tutoring Offered

605.201: Introduction to Programming Using Java
605.401: Foundations of Software Engineering
605.404: Object-Oriented Programming with C++
635.401: Foundations of Information Systems Engineering
695.401: Foundations of Information Assurance
695.421: Public Key Infrastructure and Managing E-Security
695.701: Cryptology
695.721: Network Security

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