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Oladayo Bello

knoxville, Tennessee

Teaching Probability, Wireless, Networking, Cryptography


I have a BS., MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering. Specifically, my skill involves the application of stochastic/probabilistic theory to solve problems in the area of wireless networks, this includes resource optimization, traffic engineering, routing.
I have taken courses in Real Analysis, Introduction to Operations Research, Probabilistic Models, Mathematics of Finance, Cryptology, Statistical Methods and data Analysis.
I have served as a Teaching Assistant during my graduate study and I have also lectured courses in probability, wireless networks, network and information security.

Tutoring Offered

525.408: Next-Generation Telecommunications
525.414: Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineers
525.438: Introduction to Wireless Technology
525.441: Computer and Data Communication Networks
525.722: Wireless and Mobile Cellular Communications
525.768: Wireless Networks
625.423: Introduction to Operations Research: Probabilistic Models
625.480: Cryptography
695.701: Cryptology
695.721: Network Security


University of Cape Town

| Electrical Engineering

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