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Kevin Karnani

Silver Spring, Maryland

Python, Java, JavaScript, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Calculus


I am a Machine Learning Researcher who prioritizes maximizing efficiency, be it: leisurely activities, meeting deadlines, or developing relationships. More specifically, my passion lies in maximizing the efficiency in which we diagnose patients and save lives, which is why I wish to specialize in the areas of Health Intelligence and Clinical Imaging. To accomplish this, I have developed strong technical skills and an academic background in Computer Science, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. I am currently a Master’s Student at Johns Hopkins University seeking an M.S. in Artificial Intelligence. I have completed my B.S. in Computer Science from Drexel University with concentrations in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision and Graphics. I also attained a minor in Mathematics and a GPA of 3.94.

Tutoring Offered

605.101: Introduction to Python
605.201: Introduction to Programming Using Java
605.202: Data Structures
605.203: Discrete Mathematics
605.421: Foundations of Algorithms
605.445: Artificial Intelligence
605.449: Introduction to Machine Learning
625.201: General Applied Mathematics
625.250: Multivariable and Complex Analysis
625.251: Introduction to Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations


Johns Hopkins University

Master of Science (M.S.) | Artificial Intelligence

Drexel University

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) | Computer Science

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