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Elise Favia

Elkridge, Maryland

Java, Python, C/C++, Data Structures, Discrete Math, Cryptography, Number Theory, Linear Algebra


I am a mathematician and computer scientist working full time while also working on my master’s in Applied and Computational Math part time. I am 3 courses away from graduation. I have a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Mathematics with minors in Music and Dance (and significant coursework in linguistics) from the University of Richmond, and am also a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. I also work as a tutor for Howard Community College (tutoring all programming courses and all non-calculus math courses, as well as music theory) and on a freelance basis. My main areas I work in are cryptology, computer/cyber security, and high performance computing.

Tutoring Offered

605.101: Introduction to Python
605.201: Introduction to Programming Using Java
605.202: Data Structures
605.203: Discrete Mathematics
605.204: Computer Organization
605.401: Foundations of Software Engineering
605.402: Secure Software Analysis and Design
605.404: Object-Oriented Programming with C++
605.421: Foundations of Algorithms
625.201: General Applied Mathematics
625.402: Modern Algebra
625.403: Statistical Methods and Data Analysis
625.409: Matrix Theory
625.480: Cryptography
625.485: Number Theory

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