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Ninad Munshi

San Francisco, California


I am a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, and I spent much of that time as a math/engineering teaching assistant. I have tutored professionally for the better part of a decade (9 years) and I continue to do so along side my job because I enjoy it! I love solving puzzles and I love learning about other people. Tutoring combines both – tutoring effectively requires understanding the way you look at problems and your unique experiences in order to cater my explainations towards that. I received outstanding teaching assistant awards with the most common comment from my students being that I’m passionate and energetic about what I do.

I have both pure math and engineering degrees, with a significant emphasis on education. I spent 2 years as a private tutor in high school teaching math and physics, then spent the next 6 years teaching in classroom settings. This required a year long pedagogy seminar where I learned teaching techniques and the research behind them. I met with students for many extra office hours to make sure they were keeping up with the pace of the course. Textbook regurgitation and rote memorization are not the ways to learn, I made sure I let the students engage with the material and held conversations with them, not at them. I ask questions to get students to evaluate their ideas to me, as I believe that is the most important way to engage with any material.

Still not sure if your learning style would fit? Don’t worry, we can have our first meeting before deciding to commit to more meeting times. I am easy to reach and will provide fast responses. Feel free to contact me about tutoring or any other questions you have!

Tutoring Offered

525.202: Signals and Systems
545.630: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
615.441: Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering
615.451: Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
615.453: Classical Mechanics
615.454: Quantum Mechanics
615.465: Modern Physics
615.748: Introduction to Relativity
625.250: Multivariable and Complex Analysis
625.251: Introduction to Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
625.260: Introduction to Signals and Systems
625.401: Real Analysis
625.402: Modern Algebra
625.404: Ordinary Differential Equations
625.703: Functions of a Complex Variable
625.710: Fourier Analysis with Applications to Signal Processing and Differential Equations
625.717: Advanced Differential Equations: Partial Differential Equations
625.718: Advanced Differential Equations: Nonlinear Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
675.450: Mathematics for Space Systems

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