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Marktus Atanga

Glastonbury, Connecticut

Statistical models and regression analysis, algorithms for data scientist, mathematical statistics and python programming


I’m a data analytics and product intelligence engineer at Pratt and Whitney Corporation (Raytheon Technologies). My expertise in the aerospace encompass engine performance, engine thermodynamic modeling and predictive analytics for engine health monitoring.
Other areas of my domain knowledge include chemical engineering; Chemical reaction, mass transfer, material and energy balance, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid transport

Since joining the JHU data science program, i have been able to apply some of the important courses such as algorithms for data scientist and statistical models and regression to industry problems. My best way of understanding is by teaching, so i look forward to helping others taking any of these courses.

Tutoring Offered

515.402: Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials
535.433: Intermediate Heat Transfer
545.303: Transport Phenomena I
545.304: Transport Phenomena II
545.673: Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering in Practice
625.403: Statistical Methods and Data Analysis
625.461: Statistical Models and Regression

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